• RM Development Consulting

    Supporting efforts directed towards sustainable socio-economic development and institutional capacity building

  • Local Community Development

    It is important to ask citizens how they see development of communities they live in

  • Civil Society Development

    Civil society organizations are crucial actors in advocating ,planning and monitoring local policies

  • Gender Equality Strengthening

    Equal opportunities start with empowering women and girls for participation in public decision making

  • Monitoring, Evaluating and Learning

    When implementing projects and programs, we have to follow-up results, assess impact made and learn how to better perform

  • Team Building

    Bonding is crucial for team cohesion

  • Project Planning

    Enticing individuals to express their critique and propose new project solutions

  • Motivating people

    Friendly working atmosphere, comfortable space and resources motivate people

  • Growth of abilities

    Supporting people in managing their knowledge and experiences from individual to group level

  • Raising the Quality Bar

    We believe it is important to hear what people say about our work

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Our working methodology summarized in 3 steps


scientific and professional


coaching, mentoring, teaching


advising, facilitating

Here is what we can help you with:

Services we provide

  • Project management based on PCM-LFA, RBM and ToC: project proposal preparation, implementation, monitoring, ex ante assessment and ex post evaluation
  • Strategic management based on PCM-LFA, RBM and ToC: strategic planing, organizational development and (re)structuring, institutional sustainability planning, fundraising, governance and participatory based leadership, organizational-institutional-cultural capacity analysis, stakeholder mapping and analysis, strategic philanthropy planning, socially responsible investment planning
  • Knowledge management based on social capital of organization: coalition, partnership and network assessment, building and nurturing, knowledge management maturity assessment and development
  • Human resource development: individual development needs assessment and planning, team bonding and building, training of trainers
  • Good Governance and Rule of Law Development: advocacy and lobbying, strategic communication, public participation in decision making, transparent public financing

Industries we cover

  • Civil society and philanthropy organizations
  • Politically affiliated organizations
  • Local self-governments
  • Public utilities and institutions
  • Regional development agencies
  • Small, medium and large enterprises
  • International development and cooperation agencies

Fields we develop

  • MDGs / SDGs
  • Human Rights
  • Migration
  • Democracy
  • Civil Society
  • Media
  • Good Governance and Rule of Law
  • Socio-Economic Sustainable Development
  • Youth & Children
  • Women
  • Gender
  • Environment
  • Vulnerable Social Groups Empowerment
  • Rural Development
  • Education (adult, VET, schools)

A little bit about RM Development Consulting
and our previous work

A competent and result oriented agency with over 20 years of experience in delivery of development and management training and consulting and research services in the (Western) Balkans, Moldova and Central Asia to state and non state actors working on development issues related to democratization, human rights, migration, civil society, media, social and economic development, good governance, youth, women, gender, environment.

Implemented assignments

  • Ex-ante assessment and ex-post evaluation of the EU, UN, GB, US, OSCE, SIDA and ADA funded development cooperation projects / programmes
  • Preparation of project proposal, technical and financial offers and grant schemes under the EU
  • Management of the development cooperation projects funded by EU, UN and US
  • EU policies procedures tools and networking mechanisms – PRAG, OEET, Concord, Trialogue, Social Watch, MEDIATE
  • Training, consulting and facilitating state and non state actors
    on Project Development and Management, Organization Development and Management, Good Governance and Rule of Law Development
  • Socio-Economic Development Measures and Policies Assessment Children, Youth Employment and Participation, Women Participation and Empowerment, Gender Sensitization, Rural Development, Environment

Some examples:

  1. Team building workshops – Strengthening of team cohesion and team communication. Client – SEETO (South-East Europe Transport Observatory)
  2. Organization development assessment, analysis and planning (STAR methodology based) of ISC Core Partners. Clients – Institute for Sustainable Communities, USAID
  3. Strategic planning of National Association of Youth Practitioners. Clients -NAPOR, TACSO (Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organizations, Office in Serbia)
  4. Training workshop for Serbian CSOs on organizational monitoring and evaluation. Clients – TACSO, SIPU, European Commission
  5. Development of MnE tools for municipal Local Action Employment Plans (LSGs in Čačak, Gornji Milanovac and Vrnjačka Banja). Clients – Business Development Center Kragujevac, SOLIDAR Swiss
  6. Preparation of the Municipal Management Training Program (General Management, PCM-LFA, Public Procurement and Financial Management, Managing Public Accountability, ToT) for 15 Municipalities in East Serbia. Clients – European Agency for Reconstruction, GTZ, Serbian Ministry of Governance and Local Self-Governance
  7. Mentor support in development of project proposal concepts for 3 women CSOs initiatives in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Clients – Trag Fondacija, OAK Foundation
  8. Preparation of project concept for USAID Media Support Program in Mozambique 2012-2016. Client – WAN-IFRA (World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers)
  9. Management of project “Regional Civil Society Capacity Building in Serbia, Kosovo and FYR Macedonia”. Clients – European Commission, GMFA, NGDO European Perspective
  10. Training workshops (5 three-day) on PCM-LFA for LSGs (25) in Central and East Serbia. Clients – Regional Economic Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje, Council of Europe
  11. Preparation and delivery of a 5 module training for SMEs and companies in Serbia, titled “Expert for EU Funds Allocated for the Business Community”. Client – FORUM Media
  12. Regional PCM trainings for 167 Towns and Municipalities in Serbia, with support of Regional Development Agencies in Serbia. Clients – VNG, GTZ, SKGO
  13. Philanthropy landscaping of child needs in Serbia. Client – UBS Optimus Foundation
  14. Mapping and analysis of situation in 34 LSGs in South East Serbia in regard to transparent financing of CSOs projects. Preparation of tender documents for LSGs for transparent financing of CSOs projects. Clients – NGO Timočki Klub, UNOPS, EU Delegation in Serbia
  15. WWF Serbia stakeholder analyses and mapping of protected areas. Assessment of windows of opportunities for advocacy actions towards policy and decision makers. Clients – WWF, Sida
  16. Assessment of project proposals under the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF 1 and 2) Call (PROGRESS) / ex-ante evaluation (youth, women, Roma, PwDs, environmental initiatives of SCOs and LSGs). Clients – EU Delegation of Serbia, UNOPS
  17. Assessment of project proposals under the Active Citizens Fund and Green Initiatives Fund /ex-ante evaluation (youth and women initiatives, Roma, environment, etc.). Clients – Trag Fondacija, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, CHILD’s Perspective, Mott Foundation, RBF, Erste Bank
  18. External ex-post evaluation of the “Western Balkans Programme- supporting CSOs efforts in raisingpublic participation and accountability” Clients – Olof Palme International Center, SIDA
  19. External ex post evaluation of the project “Supporting Rule of Law by Enhancing Information Assurance Capacities of the Serbian Ministry of Interior Affairs”. Clients – DCAF, Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  20. External ex post evaluation of regional project “Towards Efficient Public Procurement Mechanisms in the EU (potential) Candidate Countries”. Clients – Fund For an Open Society Serbia, European Commission
  21. Development of Capacity Assessment Index (CAI) to measure the development of CSOs and Independent Researchers working on public participation in defying, implementation and evaluation of public interest in public media financing. Clients – BIRN, NUNS, EU Delegation in Serbia
  22. Training needs assessment, preparation and delivery to LSGs and CSOs in Serbia on public participation. Technical support to LSGs in preparation of local plans for public participation in municipal budget preparation and municipal strategic development planning. Clients – Chemonics, USAID
  23. Training on citizens’ participation in planning and monitoring of municipal services for active community members in South-East Serbia. Clients – NGO Timočki Klub, EU Delegation in Serbia (CBC Serbia-Bulgaria Programme)
  24. Training on Communication Skills in Advocacy, Lobbying and Negotiations (Advocacy project for establishment of Gender Equality Office in Aleksinac). Clients – Društvo za razvoj kreativnosti, EU Delegation in Serbia
  25. Preparation and execution of the training module on Public Advocacy for SCOs working with socially vulnerable groups of people/local social service providers. Clients – Caritas Montenegro, EU Delegation in Montenegro
  26. Raising advocacy capacities of youth representatives in the Municipal Local Employment Committees in Čačak, Kraljevo and Gornji Milanovac. Clients – Business Development Center Kragujevac, SOLIDAR Swiss

Detailed portfolio of assignments and references available upon request.

Achievements in numbers


Managed over 30 EU funded international development and cooperation projects.


Conducted over ex-ante/ex-post assessments and evaluations of the EU, UN, SIDA, OSCE, ADA funded development cooperation projects, programs, and grant schemes implemented worldwide.


Trained and consulted over 500 organizations on project development and management, organizational development and management and good governance.


Raised over 20 milions EUR through project proposals technical and financial offers prepared under EU.

Some of Our Clients


Regions covered so far

Here is where our mission took us during the past years of our existence:

Worked in the Balkans (Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece), Moldova and Central Asia (Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan).


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